We advocate love and peace. Working from within can help the outside world to be a better place to live.

Darlene Bundage, CLPO

Darlene Bundage, spreads love and peace wherever she goes; thus, she changes lives as a CLPO, residing in the Metropolitan Seattle, Washington area. She is the second of nine children. Throughout her life she has carried an abundance of compassion, goodwill and loads of humor, developed early in her family life. Darlene can be found on the phone enjoying a conversation because of the unconditional love and peace that flows through her family. Often she is heard heartily laughing at some funny occurrence with her daughter, sisters, relatives or friends. She has lived in six cities in the USA where she shared love, peace, joy and hope with many people. Her kindness has been shared across the USA as well as various countries outside of America.

Darlene brings out the smile of a child we all possess and transforms it into a powerful force that allows us to live a more comfortable and giving life. Darlene is an expert practitioner in the areas of love, peace and joy that leads to laughter, a dimension of life often neglected but if fully embraced, can influence quantum leaps in our lives.

Her aim is to encourage love and peace from within as a way to enhance life with more love, joy, peace and contentment for the world. Darlene has discovered a remarkable reward in coaching people to realize they do not have to live in a perpetual state of sadness, hopelessness and lack of joy. This awareness prompts people to do something positive about the absence of real love by changing their mindset to love God, love yourself then spread your love to bring peace to a chaotic world. She shares several aspects of how realizing loving yourself because God loved us so much He sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ through her writings. She can be contacted at: dbundage@lovepeaceflowing.com or 904-859-1022.

Excerpt from her blog: Now that I love myself, it is so much easier for me to love my neighbor as myself. My desire is to spread the love of God all over the world. I know so many people are dealing with the lack of love of self as well as the lack of love from someone else. To everyone out there, you are special. What I am stating has been said by many people, nevertheless, someone is being reached today who has not heard these wonderful words of truth and compassion. Someone may be hearing these fantastic words for the second, third or fourth time. This time, it registers in your spirit. You receive the truth today. You are special and made especially for this time and place. Look at yourself in the mirror or just think about yourself. Declare out loud that you were wonderfully made by the great and only Creator, God! Give yourself a big hug because you love you for who and how you are right now. You became a new creation in Christ at the moment you received Him into your life.

When love is from the heart the words you speak are full of kindness, respect, encouragement, inspiration, love, support, and praises. Your words are uplifting. Your thoughts are loving thoughts; therefore, you speak lovingly to people no matter where you meet them. When love is in your heart offenses are rare because you understand people who offend are those who are in need of love. Sisters and brothers all around the world how about you love yourself each and every day? Then love people in a special way. Entire article is found here: http://tinyurl.com/owtcj9p