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Another Observation by Danny J. Shedwin L O V E and P E A C E
Flow All Over The World
When reviewing others’ work that manifests itself as an art form, my intent is evaluating, grasping the work’s purpose and deducing whether the artist accomplished their goal instead of deciding whether I like it according to my personal values or not.
This method has served me well for many decades. And when applying it to the musical CD, “LOVE and PEACE, Flow All Over The World” by Darlene D. Bountiful, this approach never proved more beneficial. A different analytical technique may have produced inefficient discovery when examining and evaluating the album’s potential impact due to the fact it is Sing Along type music.
When was the last time you heard one of those? And this one is exquisitely right on time. When I first listened to it, it caught me off guard. Completely. So I played it again and still didn’t quite get it, other than the sing along element. But the questions were: “Was this Reggae Music? Did she sing in a Caribbean style? What IS this? I listened to it again. Really listened – the way I did while listening to new music back, way back in my

KYAC Radio days before FM Radio was in cars. Then BAM! A Hit! A potentially gigantic one named “Love Is The Way” a five minute forty-six second piece spawned from a Christian experience. So, 5:46 turned into 11:30 which turned into 17:18 listening time.

The song’s online link was forwarded to several friends to check out because I respect their opinions.

Former vocalist for a Platters Group, Jessica Taylor thought and wrote, “… Lyrics were nice…” And I think that that’s what makes Love Is The Way work.

Donna Turner liked it writing, “Very Nice.”

Gloria Jones, a travel expert wrote, “Got home just a little while ago and listened. It’s fabulous!”

Everything written back is true. Although the Love thing has been recycled before in presentations that were BIG productions, that had major artists and beaucoup drama. But not Bountiful’s song. It is a sing along number and the piece is so well constructed and versed, so simple EVERYONE who hears it will sing it because it is so worthwhile.###

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