Giving Back

Giving back to our community locally and globally has traditionally been a part of our lives.  We believe helping and assisting people close to us is our first responsibility.  Traditionally we have given, oftentimes, as an angel on assignment when the recipient had no idea of the benefactor.  We give from the heart because it feels good to be able to help someone in need.

Some of our giving back efforts:

  1. Making mortgage payments for families in distress
  2. Feeding the homeless and hungry
  3. Supporting the water effort in Botswana
  4. Assistance with building effort in Haiti
  5. Provide shelter for homeless or stranded
  6. Gas money given to help someone get across country to their family
  7. Random acts of kindness to strangers
  8. Provide food, clothing and shelter to orphaned children
  9. Spending time to comfort the sick

Projects and Programs

Catastrophe in Zimbabwe

We supported a special project in Zimbabwe.  While on a missions trip during the month of December 2013 we had the pleasure of living in the home of a very kind woman Mrs. Mawire.  She is the mother of a very close friend of mine. During month of in April 2014 the very home where we stayed was engulfed in a towering inferno of flames.  All of their belongings were destroyed along with the life of a young lady who was staying there with them.  Thank God Mrs. Mawire and son Igoni survived this unfortunate incident.

What we are planning to do is help them rebuild their home.  Therefore, a portion of our proceeds for the next three months will be designated to assist them in their rebuilding effort.

Abused Children in USA

We believe all children should live a fun care-free life with loads of love and joy in the home. In reality many of our children in local neighborhoods and around the country are suffering from neglect and various kinds of abuse.  We are creating a means to assist them in becoming the fun loving creative children they were designed to be in this life.  Our goal is to provide a wonderful place for them to live without having to go through a lot of red tape. This is an ongoing effort that will take much planning, prayer, financial and hands on support.  Our album “Love and Peace Flow All Over The World” sings to the kind of living we desire for our children.  When you purchase the album, a song or products you will help in this cause.